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IT Studio
Industry Leading Data Center Planning and Design
Let’s face it…your time is short and demands are high. You can’t afford to waste time and risk mistakes. Your data center design has to be dead accurate….the first time. And, you’ve got to have total visibility of even your smallest assets at all times. With a task as complex as data center design, your margin for error becomes narrower by the day.

IT Studio…The One Solution That Puts You in Control
IT Studio is the world’s only fully integrated 3D rack, cable, and power management software that gives you the power to get the project done fast while avoiding the most common pitfalls…all at a cost any organization can afford.

29 Years of Impeccable Service
It’s a simple fact, some of the world’s most successful organizations, from Fortune 500, government agencies, the U.S. military, and major universities all rely on IT Studio and 21st Century Innovations to plan, design, manage and control some of the largest facilities in the world. No matter what your size and scope…IT Studio is your one-stop solution to successful data center planning and design.

Data Center Optimization…Your Mission Delivered
With IT Studio, you will quickly and easily install and maintain your racks, power sources, and cables with the precise planning and execution you demand. With picture perfect 3D visuals drawn exactly to scale and designed with specific drill down database routines plus a whole lot more, you are always on your game and never in the dark.

Your Data Center Nightmares….Prevented From Day One
IT Studio stops the most common problems in their tracks…before they’re even allowed to fester. Equipment locations, asset management, rack management, cable and power management. It’s all right at your fingertips in a single integrated suite. Bottom line…no more wasted time, risk or hassle caused by disjointed, fragmented processes and disparate teams and applications. With IT Studio, you get all the power and flexibility you need from one seamless solution.

The Hands-On Support You Need…Right Now
Time is short and your data center planning can’t wait. You need to get ramped up yesterday. Our highly skilled staff takes your job seriously and is available to walk you step-by-step through your next project. From in depth self-paced and self-service documentation support to our 2-day crash course, you get the full array of support tools to help you succeed..right away. It’s all just a mouse click or phone call away.

The Tools to Manage Growth With Ease
IT Studio software provides the scalability to easily design, manage, and grow optimum data center configurations that reduce your operational costs, and your carbon footprint.

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