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Total Asset Management in One Integrated Tool

Get the ultimate data center design and asset management solution in one comprehensive suite. Fully integrated directly into our flagship design suite IT Studio, InteliTask is the one application for complete management of even your smallest assets, right down to a single telephone on a staff member’s desk.

The 360º Visibility You Need

  • Seamless Integration With Your IT Studio Drawings
  • Instant Queries To Drill Down Into Any Asset in Your Global Enterprise
  • Detailed Filters, Complete With Instant Calculations
  • Instant Viewing and Search
  • World Class Hands-on Support and Training
Things Happen! Know What You’re Dealing With

It’s bound to happen. When a machine powers down, you need the critical actionable information at your fingertips. Location of PDU or RPP, Circuit Breakers, cable routes and connections, applications affected and contingencies brought online as a result. Bottom line…you need to know what, where, and how your data center is affected and you need to find things fast.

With InteliTask, You’re in Total Control with Instant Access to:
  • Rack Configurations
  • Connections, Cables and Routing
  • Power Sources
  • Security (Encryption)

Seamless Integration with IT Studio

IT Studio is the world’s only fully integrated 3D rack, cable, and power design solution that simplifies and streamlines the planning and execution of your data center design and configuration. InteliTask is fully integrated, allowing quick searches and custom filters and queries right from your IT Studio drawings.

InteliTask is written entirely in Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft's premier development language, offering enterprise database support for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure.

Easy, Robust Reporting Right From Your Drawings

Disparate management using multiple spreadsheets can cause havoc with your record keeping and reporting, especially when an outage occurs. Your asset data needs to be accessible by more than one person and you need precise “drill down” capability to isolate an issue at any given moment. With InteliTask, you will query and filter your assets, cable, and power related components directly from your IT Studio drawing, and you will do it with the ease and speed your job demands.

The Hands-On Support to Help You Get it Done…Fast

Let’s face it…your time is short and demands are high. You can’t afford to waste time. We take your job seriously and our dedicated team is ready to help you complete your task in no time. From in depth self-paced and self-service web support to our 2-day crash course intensive training, you get the full array of tools to help you succeed…fast. It’s all just a mouse click or phone call away.

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28 Years of Impeccable Service and Support

It’s a simple fact, some of the world’s most successful organizations from Fortune 500, government agencies, and major universities all rely on IT Studio and 21st Century Innovations to plan, design, manage and control some of the largest facilities in the world. No matter what your size and scope…IT Studio is your one-stop answer to successful data center planning and design.

Data Center Asset Management

Data Center Management is the capacity to “drill down” into an asset to determine its precise location, address, cabling, power, and cooling requirements. Assets can range from large mainframe CPU’s right down to individual telephones on a staff member’s desk.

Excellent Data Center Management requires the capacity to instantly query and view specific assets quickly and see exactly what you have at all times; then access and compile the reports you need at a moment’s notice.

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